Four Noble Truths

This week’s 12 Noon Dharma Talk is entitled, “Four Noble Truths.”

Two thousand five hundred years ago, a prince in northern India left his palace to find a solution to his people’s sufferings of aging, sickness and death. After six years of arduous spiritual retreat, he was at the brink of death when he discovered a “middle path” of meditation and discipline that brought him a spiritual illumination that showed him the answers he had sought. In that moment, Prince Siddhartha became Shakyamuni Buddha, “The Awakened Sage of the Shakya Clan.”

Today, the Buddha’s teachings are more needed than ever. In these times of fear and difficulty, the Buddha’s middle path of spiritual cultivation can help free us from suffering and its causes and nurture our own inner wisdom and compassion.

This talk on the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths was the first talk given to the Columbus KTC sangha by Lama Adam Berner, who completed his Three-Year Retreat at Karme Ling Retreat Center in upstate New York in early March. The audio was taken from the video of his live webcast on Facebook.