Volunteer at Columbus KTC

Columbus KTC offers many opportunities to volunteer at our center. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that our center runs entirely on volunteer power! The vibrant programs and activities we enjoy each week are delivered by five different volunteer teams.

The teams include:

  1. Communications Team

  2. Facilities Team

  3. Outreach Team

  4. Practice and Study Team

  5. Programming Team

Anyone can join our volunteer teams. You don’t need to be a member of KTC – you just need to have energy and interest in serving. Volunteers can select an opportunity based on their availability, talents and interests. Some volunteers greet new visitors, others like to cook or help with building and grounds projects. There are many different ways to support Columbus KTC.

In terms of time commitment, some volunteers are able to offer a few hours of service each week while others help out as their schedules allow.  We are grateful for the many different helping hands that keep Columbus KTC running.

If you would like to support Columbus KTC through service, feel welcome to fill out the Volunteer Survey.

After receiving and reviewing your form, a Columbus KTC Board Member or Team Coordinator will reach out to you to discuss volunteer opportunities that best fit your schedule and interests.

Thank you for your interest in Columbus KTC