April 19th Webcast: Transition to Perfection

This Sunday’s 12 noon Facebook Live Dharma Talk will be presented by Lama Tom Broadwater, who will share a teaching by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoché entitled, “Transition to Perfection.” 

At the beginning of the spiritual path is the wish for well-being and happiness, and a hope that these can be obtained through reflection and self-awareness. The path may seem long and sometimes we may doubt our potential for progress, but with diligent application, meditation and loving-kindness can form a path to well-being and perfection for all. 

This talk is the first in a series of teachings that illuminate the inspiring words of Khenpo Karthar Rinpoché, who helped so many see and develop their enlightened potential. 

Find it here: https://www.facebook.com/ColumbusKTC/live/

Note: This talk is being presented IN ADDITION TO Lama Kathy’s Dharma Talk, which will be still be held this Sunday, 1pm on her Facebook page.