Building a Buddhist Temple in Downtown Columbus – Not Your Average Job

It’s not everyday that a construction company gets to build a Buddhist temple – and it’s pretty rare to build one near the center of town.

In 1990, Columbus KTC moved from the University District, where it had spent most of its early years, to the East Franklinton Neighborhood in downtown Columbus. Being located 1 1/2 miles from the literal center of town (the corner of High and Broad streets) puts KTC in the “center of the action” in our beautiful and bustling city.

As we prepared to rebuild, we hired the Hanlin Rainaldi Construction Company, which has been around Columbus since 1992. To help us interface with the construction company, we hired Gavin Jones and Alan McLaughlin of Colliers International to be our owner-representatives (AKA our construction management team) to watch over all phases of the project on our behalf.

What’s it like for folks who usually build restaurants and offices to build a Tibetan Buddhist temple? In this week’s video – filmed during a visit to our construction site – our electrical contractor Tim Stanforth, Hanlin Rainaldi spokesman Matt Rupp, and Gavin and Alan of our construction management team discuss what it’s like to accumulate merit while doing their “day job.”