Guests in a New Home

We are so appreciative of Congregation Tifereth Israel’s kindness and generosity, and their warm welcome since they opened their doors to all of us last week. The Rabbis, staff, and members of Tifereth Israel tell us they are very happy we are sharing space with them! While we are guests in their home, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Since Tifereth Israel is such a large space, greeters will be available for each program we hold at Tifereth Israel including for Chenrezig on Tuesday nights and all of our programs on Sundays. Greeters will be located in the main lobby and will help members and visitors find the right room for the appropriate Columbus KTC activity.
  • We’ve assured the congregation leaders that we will not allow members of the general public (who are visiting KTC to learn meditation and Buddhism) to wander unaccompanied through their building. Greeters will accompany members of the public to Room 204 (the classroom for Meditation and Beginning Buddhism) and after class, the Meditation Instructor will accompany them downstairs to the Broad Street Atrium for tea and coffee.
  • Please be aware that members and staff of Tifereth Israel are holding multiple programs/classes at the same time we are holding our programs. Please be mindful that we don’t disrupt their programs/classes. Please do not look into classroom windows, as it disturbs the children and adults.
  • KTC Volunteer “Tea Helpers” will be available to coordinate our tea at 11:00 am on Sunday mornings. If you need more coffee or tea, please let the Tea Helper or a board member know and they will take take the request to the Tifereth Israel kitchen staff.
  • If you smoke, the Tifereth Israel staff requests that you not smoke near the doors to the synagogue, but instead go into the parking lot, or smoke in your car.
  • We’ll be bringing back the tradition of wearing name tags on Sunday mornings, and will begin wearing them on Tuesday nights, as well. Name tag supplies will be on a table at the rear of the Lower Social Hall beginning this Sunday. We assured congregation leaders that our greeters and volunteers would wear name tags so we can get to know one another. Congregation Sunday school teachers will do the same.
  • If you have a question or need something while attending a Columbus KTC program at Tifereth Israel, please ask board members and we will be glad to help you!