Location for the New Columbus KTC Building

Possible Places for a New Columbus KTC Building

Thanks to everyone who completed the recent Columbus KTC Building Requirements Survey. Your feedback is very valuable and appreciated. It will be used to help identify options for a new Columbus KTC home.

Click here to see the results of that first survey here.

For our next step, some more information is needed. In addition to room requirements, we also need your feedback regarding the location of the new center.

As you know, we are considering all options – including building a new KTC center on our Grubb Street site, and finding a building to remodel for our use elsewhere in the city. Before we start looking at the “relocate and remodel” option, we need to know how you feel about the placement of the KTC in various parts of the city.

This survey is very short – just a few questions and a comment box to share any additional suggestions.

We look forward to reading your input and comments, and will report on the survey when it is completed.

To complete the Building Location Survey, please click here.

PLEASE COMPLETE the survey by Wednesday, March. 14, 2016.

Thank you so much – may all beings benefit!