Message from Rinpoche

January 31, 2016

Dear Dharma Friends:

The following message is taken from Lama Karma’s Care Page and was asked by Rinpoche to be shared with the Columbus KTC community:

Buddha said “things always change and [are] impermanent.” Of course it’s sad to hear about how Columbus KTC got burnt by fire, but because of darkness we appreciate the light. Some big obstacles can remove bigger obstacles and that will happen to Columbus KTC since lamas, director, staff and members are so united and so dedicated.

When our wonderful director Kim called this morning, I told her that things happen and it’s a sign of brightness and to find a better place as they always wanted and also told Rinpoche about the condition and this is what he has to say:

“It’s sad to hear the condition, but it’s important time for all-especially Columbus KTC’s lamas, staff, and sangha members-to come together to support for the new residence” and Rinpoche will pray for that.

Also, Kim asked what kind of prayers or mantras that they can do for the center, and Rinpoche said that all of us especially the center people come together and to support to get new location and temple is the best prayer you can perform.

Kim sent me some pictures and it’s a miracle to see that the building is in such fire, but Buddha Karmapa’s flag is unharmed and still flying beautifully and it’s a wonderful sign that Columbus KTC’s building is burnt, but dharma will flourish and will continue to maintain Buddha Karmapa’s lineage.

Rinpoche got tears to see the dream flag is standing there firmly! Finally, we love all of our sangha members there and you will do a great job than ever, and we all will be there to support! Yes We Can! Karmapa Khyenno! Karmapa Khyenno! Karmapa Khyenno!