Reading Transmission Event with Lama Karma!

Those of you who know Lama Karma Drodhul know that he has a unique gift for giving Tibetan-language Reading Transmissions – a blessing in which a Tibetan text is read quickly to a student as a way of offering a blessing for the student to recite and study the text.

At the conclusion of the Medicine Buddha Empowerment on Saturday afternoon Aug. 20, Lama Karma will give the reading transmission for the following sadhanas, which are common sadhanas recited at Columbus KTC:
Tashi Prayer


Green Tara

White Tara (Situ Rinpoche and Jamgon Kongtrul)

Medicine Buddha

Milam Lungten


The event will begin sometime between 3 and 4 PM Saturday Aug. 20. If you do not plan to attend the empowerment, please come to KTC at 3 PM and remain in the Lower Level Community Room until the Empowerment is completed. The Transmission group will be invited up to the shrine room when the empowerment concludes.

There is no charge for the Reading Transmission, but it is customary to make a small monetary gift to the teacher giving the Transmission. 
There is no need to bring a copy of the sadhana texts with you. This will be a listening event only.

Pre-registration is requested. 
You will find the FREE registration for the Reading Transmission Event at the very bottom of the “Tickets” list on the Eventbrite site for Lama Karma’s weekend program: