Small-Group Interviews with Lama Tobden

In order to allow students to have more time with Lama Tobden, a limited number of small-group interviews may be available. Students would meet with Lama Tobden in groups of five for twenty minutes. Each student in the group would be invited to ask one question.
Sign-ups for interviews are being taken on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to join one of the possible small group interview sessions, please sign-up here. Probable location of interviews to be Children’s Room downstairs at KTC. Plan to arrive on time there for your scheduled interview slot unless notified otherwise.
There are currently three small group time slots available:
  • Group One: 9am to 9:20 on Saturday, Aug 26
  • Group Two: 9:20am to 9:40am on Saturday, Aug 26
  • Group Three: Group Three: (Not available at this time, but may re-open)
  • Group Four: 9:20am to 9:40am on Sunday, Aug 27
If you are unable to grab a slot, you may add your name to the waitlist for possible openings. Thank you. May all beings benefit!