Special Election for New Columbus KTC Board Secretary

Secretary Marjorie Hill Langston recently stepped down from her position; therefore, in accordance with KTC elections policy, a special election will now be held to elect a new Board Secretary to fill the remainder of her term. We thank Marjorie for her amazing service, and welcome the service of members interested in filling these open roles. 

Any KTC member in good standing may be nominated for the position, but it is wise to check with the person first before nominating them. Nominees must receive two nominations from members in good standing to become eligible candidates for the office.

Nominations will be received by Justin Fitch at communications@columbusktc.org, or in writing to Justin Fitch, c/o Columbus KTC, PO Box 14946, Columbus, Ohio 43214. You may also call Columbus KTC at (614) 228-6546 to nominate someone by phone.

The nomination period for special elections is one week’s time. All nominations–whether by email, phone, or postal mail–must be received by 7:00pm on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

Here is the description for the role of Board Secretary:  The Secretary shall be responsible for correspondence and preparation and circulation of reports, agendas and minutes of Executive committee and members meetings.  To the extent required by statute or regulation, the Secretary is also responsible for recording Board of Directors meetings, the annual members’ meetings and other regularly scheduled meetings of the Board, the Executive Committee and the members. The Secretary also checks and distributes the mail at the KTC on a regular basis.   
Once nominations have been received, candidates will be announced, and the voting period will begin via online voting or mail-in ballots. Voting will conclude Wednesday, December 14, 2021, and newly elected board members will be announced.

For more details on the election policy, please see the attached document: Columbus KTC Board and Elections Policy 14.1-1.