Support the Dharma – Buy a Great “Bodhisattva” T-Shirt!

A collection of photos from the Santa Monica KTC showing examples of the Columbus KTC Bodhisattva T-Shirts “in the wild.” If you look closely you’ll see some familiar faces!!!

Now you can support the rebuilding of Columbus Karma Thegsum Chöling Tibetan Buddhist Center by purchasing a great-looking T-shirt with a Bodhisattva theme.

After Columbus KTC’s dharma center was destroyed in an arson fire in January 2016, the Santa Monica KTC in California wanted to help out. So SM KTC member and meditator Max Graenitz, a professional illustrator and designer, created the “Bodhisattva in Training” T-shirt to help raise money for the new Columbus temple. 

Each design is individually handprinted in cheerful orange ink on high-quality granite gray cotton shirts. The fabric is soft to the touch, and fair-trade in origin, so it will feel good inside and out!

On the front is a whimsical drawing of a many-armed bodhisattva, and the words “Bodhisattva In Training.” 

On the back is the Compassion Mantra “OM MANI PEME HUNG”. 
$20 of each shirt sale goes directly to the Columbus KTC rebuilding fund.

Order them here: BODHI TEE

Don’t Need a T-Shirt, But Still Want to Give? Donate Here!We are just $500,000 away from having all the money we need for Basic Construction of the Columbus KTC. Please practice generosity and give to the Columbus KTC’s Rebuilding Fund. Your donation will help us provide free meditation instruction to the people of Central Ohio and beyond. The impact of your donation will be felt by countless people, now and into the future. May all beings benefit!

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May all beings benefit!