Tibetan Buddhist Holidays and Auspicious Days 2023

As Losar, the Tibetan Buddhist New Year, approaches, we at KTC wish you a blessed holiday. As Lama Kathy mentioned in her Dharma Talk a few weeks ago, the first two weeks of the Tibetan New Year are called “The Month of Miracles” because of their association with an event in the Buddha’s life – when he performed a miracle every day for 15 days as part of a debate with non-Buddhist scholars. (He won the debate, by the way.)
As such, the first two weeks – from Losar Day Feb. 21 to the Miracles holiday celebrated on Tuesday March 7 – are considered a particularly auspicious time to make offerings, perform dharma practice, and practice virtue of all kinds.
But there are other auspicious times of the year, as well. You can read a short list here; https://www.dropbox.com/s/4k4a1s1nu2v1yuv/Tibetan%20Buddhist%20Calendar%20-%20General%20Information.2023.pdf?dl=0
Did you miss the Dharma Talk and want to catch up? You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/live/3XRIkxKoUYc?feature=share
Here is wishing you an auspicious new year full of great dharma practice!