2020 Columbus KTC Year-in-Review

The year 2020 will go down in the history books as a time of trial and sacrifice – the year of a pandemic and a worldwide economic downturn that affected the lives of millions of people around the world. But it also may be remembered as the year we all paused, took a collective inbreath, and looked inside our lives to see what was most important to us. 

Here at KTC, the sadness and difficulty of 2020 has been counterbalanced by the joy of seeing work start on our new dharma center building. Watching the first shovelfuls of earth move and the first concrete footers and walls go up helped us feel a sense of fruition to our 4 ½ years of labor, raising funds and working with professionals to design a center that will last into the next generation of dharma practitioners. 

Below you will find a “Year in Review” booklet created by our communications team to review and celebrate the good things that occurred in 2020. Hope you will enjoy reading it – and knowing that you helped make these things happen. 

Yes, we are grateful to YOU, our sangha, friends, and donors, for helping us get to this point. And next year, if the pandemic is tamed and a feeling of safety returns to our lives, it’s possible we can gather once again to see the doors open at the new KTC and our first pujas and teachings take place. 

As of today, we are less than $200,000 away from completing fundraising for Basic Construction of the building. A generous donor has promised to MATCH all donations, dollar for dollar, between now and Dec. 31, 2020 – up to $25,000 – and we hope you will consider donating today to help us meet our match. 

OR, please recite some prayers and mantras for us, to help smooth the way for the completion of our new home. Either way, we dedicate your merit, and pray: May all beings benefit!

View the Year in Review booklet.