Blessing Our New Building with Prosperity: A Collection of Goodness

It’s been exciting to watch the new Columbus KTC building rise above Rich Street. The roof beams have been set, the cupola placed. Our future meditation hall is taking shape!

Meanwhile, our lamas are collecting the various types of blessings and sacred items needed for a Buddhist temple. The statues are on order; the golden spire for our roof will be designed soon. And next, we are planning to place blessing vases into the ground underneath our foundation.

These Blessing Vases contain relics, fragrant incense and semi-precious gems. They act as an offering to the local spirits to repair any damage we do to the Earth while building our new center, and magnetize prosperity for our sangha in the future.

Recently, when new stupas were built at our Karme Ling Retreat Center in Delhi, NY, the lamas collected jewelry made of silver, gold and gems as part of the stupa project. When we asked KTD President Lama Karma Drodhul if we could do something similar at KTC, he gave approval and encouragement.

So for the next few weeks – until January 15 – we will be collecting donations of gems and jewelry to bless Columbus KTC. Items should be genuine gold or silver, precious or semi-precious stones, pearls, etc. All will be placed beneath the foundation as a blessing.

To get the address for sending gems and jewelry, send an email to

Deadline is Jan. 15. Thank you for your interest in the KTC project.

May all beings benefit!