Create Blessings at the Stupa Offering Ceremony Sunday June 4

Four times a year the KTC observes for special holidays, that honor events in the life of the Buddha.
By honoring the Buddha on these special days, we accumulate virtue, and develop the qualities within ourselves that are exemplified in the life of the Buddha.
Our next observance will be at 1 PM Sunday, June 4.
We will meet in the front vestibule, go outdoors to make offerings around the KTC‘s sacred reliquary Stupa. We th n will recite special offering prayers as we make aspirations in front of the stupa.
It is said that making aspirations in front of a sacred reliquary Stupa is like making the aspirations in front of the Buddha himself; we invite you to bring your aspirations and join us.
The ceremony will take approximately 45 minutes and be followed by a light snack of veggies and cheese.