Singers, Guitarist, and “Cushion Wranglers” Needed for KTC Chenrezig Kirtan at Comfest June 24!

We’re looking forward to our annual blessing of the space, people, and attendees at Columbus’ Community Festival that is our annual Chenrezig Chant.

This year we will perform at the Live Arts Stage at 12 noon Saturday June 24.

But before we perform, we will need some hearty volunteers to assist us:

  1. Roadies!We will need at least two “roadies” who can arrive early (11:15 a.m.) Saturday June 24 to help us carry 10-plus cushions to the Comfest Stage and be ready to place them on the stage when our turn comes to perform.

  1. 2. Guitarist!We will need a guitarist (or two!) to play for about 10 minutes during the performance. We have a recording of the chant for you to study 

Have you played for us before? Your help would be invaluable.

  1. Singers!We would love to have 10 + people come to the Live Arts Stage (arrival at 11:30 a.m. for a 12 noon performance) to help us sing. After arriving at 11:30, we will have a brief rehearsal to bring our voices together for the chant.

We will be reciting the short version of the Chenrezig sadhana (copies will be provided for you) and then, during the mantra section, will engage the audience in an Indian Kirtan-style chant for 5-10 minutes.

No prior experience is necessary. If you love Chenrezig puja, and love to sing, this is your opportunity to let folks know about the power of OM MANI PEME HUNG 🙂

Want to sing, or to assist? Contact Lama Kathy

Looking forward to joining you in joyous song!