Join the Can-paign! Practice Generosity and Help KTC

On Losar Sunday, we began a fundraiser with a lofty goal – find 100 people to put 25 cents a day into decorated coin banks on their shrines in order to raise $9,000 for Columbus KTC’s Operating Fund!
Our longtime friend Paul Volker designed and decorated 100 cans with auspicious symbols and mantras and coin slots on top as part of a year-old fundraiser.
“It is said that to give without attachment is the perfection of generosity,” he writes. “The purpose [of the can-paign] is to make it easy to practice a little generosity each day, without attachment, and still help fo financiall support the Dharma in Central Ohio.”
By placing the bank on your shrine and depositing 25 cents a day into the bank, you can practice dharma generosity every day in a small way that won’t hurt an average person’s pocketbook. Plus, in a year the bank will contain about $90 for KTC.
We are asking $5 for each bank, and are instantly rebating the donor 25 cents to place into their bank right away.
You can pick up your can anytime by visiting the “Can-paign” shelf in the Community Room. Please deposite $5 in the Shrine Room donation box and feel welcome to take a quater with you to start your generosity practice on the spot. May all beings benefit!