Join us for some FUN-raising at the KTC 10-Day Meditation Challenge!

Thanks to all our KTC sangha friends, we’ve raised more than $2 million in the last 4 ½ years to help Rebuild Columbus KTC.  Through your generosity we started construction Sept. 8!

Now we’re trying to raise the last $525,000 to cover Basic Construction on our new building. If we can raise these funds, we can start the next chapter of KTC’s history debt-free.

Since weekly Free Meditation Instruction is our main public service, we thought it would be good to include Meditation in our autumn fundraiser this year.

With the help of OneCause, we’re preparing to launch the Rebuild Columbus KTC 10-Day Meditation Challenge – a sort of “meditation marathon” that will challenge us to meditate once a day, every day, from Saturday Nov. 7 through Monday Nov. 16. 

We all know the benefits of meditation for body and mind.  But the 10-Day Meditation Challenge isn’t just about improving our health and well-being; we’re encouraging people to ask their friends and family to sponsor their meditation challenge to raise money for Columbus KTC!


Register. Meditation Challenge participants will go to the Columbus KTC Meditation Marathon page on the OneCause website starting Nov. 1 and sign up to participate. 

You can sign up in one of three ways:

  1. As an individual
  2. As a team with family and friends
  3. As a member of one of KTC’s “friendly competition” teams, named after the Five Wisdoms

Gather sponsors and donations. Once you sign up, you’ll have your own webpage to share with family and friends, who can then donate through your webpage to support your participation in the Meditation Challenge. KTC receives the donations, and you receive the benefits of meditating daily for 10 days!

Join daily meditation programs. To support people in the Meditation Challenge, Lama Kathy, Lama Tom and Lama Adam will lead nightly “Open Meditation Sessions” at 7 PM on Zoom.  These one-hour sessions will include talks on topics like Love and Resilience as well as discussions and short meditation sessions – to help you meet your daily goal while meditating with your dharma family. 

You can even invite your donating sponsors to attend – a short instruction will be offered every night.


As with any KTC activity, we need volunteers to help make things “go.” Here’s what we need for the Meditation Challenge Event:

  • Nightly Zoom hosts to monitor chat and help people as they check in. Zoom hosting experience is a plus.
  • Team Leads for the five KTC-sponsored “friendly competition” teams. Will involve making brief daily online posts during the 10 days of the event.

To volunteer, write Lama Kathy at

Thanks in advance for your participation in this event. Who knows? We might gain enough traction with this event to offer it every year as a service to the people of Central Ohio. 

In any case, may all beings benefit!!!