We’re excited to let you know that Columbus KTC’s very first “Meditation Marathon” fundraising page is LIVE and open for sign-ups.

Click here: https://p2p.onecause.com/rebuildktc

With the help of OneCause, today we’ve officially launched the “Rebuild Columbus KTC 10-Day Meditation Challenge” – a “meditation marathon” that will challenge us to meditate once a day, every day, from Saturday Nov. 7 through Monday Nov. 16.

There are two ways to connect to the marathon – as a Donor and as a Participant

To Make a Donation

When you open the Meditation Marathon page, look for a white square with two buttons: a blue “Register” and a golden-yellow “Make a Donation” button. Click the “Make a Donation” button and follow the steps to make your donation to support the marathon. 

After you’ve donated, please share the fact that you’ve donated on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media channels with the hashtag #RebuildKTC.

To Register as a Participant

To participate in the Meditation Marathon yourself, open the Meditation Marathon page and look for the same white square with two buttons: the blue “Register” button and a golden-yellow “Make a Donation” button. Click the “Register” button and follow the steps to sign up as a participant.

You can sign up in one of three ways:

  1. As an individual
  2. As a team with family and friends
  3. As a member of one of KTC’s “friendly competition” teams, named after the Five Wisdoms – Blue Banner, Yellow Banner, Red Banner, Green Banner and White Banner.

Gather Sponsors and Donations

After you’ve signed up as a participant, you’ll have your own webpage URL to share with family and friends, who can then donate through your webpage to support your participation in the Meditation Challenge. KTC receives the donations, and you receive the benefits of meditating daily for 10 days! 

Don’t forget to share your participation on your social media channels; use the hashtag #RebuildKTC to draw attention to our campaign.

Log Your Daily Meditation

Another part of being a participant is logging your daily meditation minutes. When you sign up, you’ll be able to start logging your daily meditation minutes, which will become part of the community’s total. Participants can set their own personal meditation goal, but we are hoping that when the 10-Day Challenge is finished, we will have, as a group, meditated 1000 minutes.

Join Our Daily Zoom Meditation!

To support you in the Meditation Challenge, after the initial 2 PM Kick-off Event on Saturday Nov. 7, Lama Kathy, Lama Tom and Lama Adam will lead nightly “Open Meditation Sessions” at 7 PM on Zoom. These one-hour sessions will include talks on topics like Love and Resilience as well as discussions and short meditation sessions – to help you meet your daily goal while meditating with your dharma family.

You can even share the Zoom session links with your donating sponsors to attend our daily sessions – a short instruction will be offered every night. 


As with any KTC activity, we need volunteers to help make things “go.” Here’s what we need for the Meditation Challenge Event: 

  • Business Sponsors.  Do you have a business that would like to advertise on our Meditation Marathon page – and help us pay for the services offered by OneCause? Please contact Lama Kathy at lamakathy@columbusktc.org. We will spotlight your business as a “Sponsor” on our website’s front page!
  • Social Media Supporters. Whether you are a donor or a participant, please SHARE, LIKE and re-post any of the Rebuild KTC Meditation Marathon posts you see. Please check out Columbus KTC’s Facebook and Instagram pages and re-post and like as many Marathon posts as you can.
  • Prayers. Please add the Meditation Challenge fundraiser to your daily prayers

We are grateful for all the help and support you offer.

A Few Apologies and Some Gratitude …

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising is new for us, so we apologize for any difficulties in signing up, or if there are awkward feelings as you ask friends and family to support your 10-Day Meditation Challenge. But if you can ask your friends and relatives for small donations to support you in your fundraiser, it will give them (and you!) merit and virtue and will help us reach our goal. Other charities use 5K runs and cycling events; we just meditate! 
  • There might be some glitches, so not everything will work the way it’s supposed to. We apologize if form letters aren’t exactly perfect, or if you have trouble learning the ropes of sharing photos and logging your meditation minutes. We hope the benefits outweigh the glitches!

Questions? Our friendly team of volunteers will do their best to help you. Write us at: marathon@columbusktc.org.

Thanks in advance for your participation in this event. Who knows? We might gain enough traction with this event to offer it every year as a service to the people of Central Ohio.

May All Beings Benefit!!!