KTC Reopening Events Announced! “Meet Your KTC” Events in March; Sunday Programs Start March 20!

After six years of planning and 16 months of construction, the time we have waited for has finally arrived. Our new KTC building will be opened for Sunday Programs March 20!

Columbus Building and Zoning inspector issued the certificate of occupancy for the new building in late January. Now the building officially belongs to Columbus KTC! The next step is to put finishing touches on the new building.

The month of February will be devoted to moving in furniture and appliances, and installing the new A/V system that will enable us to broadcast programs virtually as well as offer them in person. We will also develop systems for cleaning and maintaining the new building. It’s one thing to have a brand-new building and another thing to learn how to operate it. Lots of new skills to hone!

Volunteers Needed!  

Speaking of skills, when KTC opens for in-person programs, we will need some helping hands! 

Please consider signing up to:

* Greet

* Help as a Meditation Umdze

* Join the Building Team  

If you would like to help, please fill out this online form

More details about KTC’s Reopening are below!

Questions? Write to us at info@columbusktc.org.

COVID Precautions and KTC’s Reopening Plan

As we prepared for our next phase, the Reopening Committee was formed to help Columbus KTC develop a plan to safely reopen.

Members include physicians, medical professionals and, and epidemiologists knowledgeable about pandemic precautions and familiar with CDC and other healthcare guidelines.

Here’s the plan, developed by the Reopening Committee and approved by the KTC Board.

General Participation

* Recommend but not require full vaccination for all members, friends and visitors to attend in-person programs.

* Masks will be required for all members, friends and visitors when they are inside the building. CDC guidelines should be followed regarding recommended masks to wear

* Members, friends and visitors are asked to pre-register for in-person programs. A percentage of spots for all in-person programs will be reserved for walk-ins.

* Limited beverages such as water but no food will be permitted when the building is open for in-person programs. 

Children’s Participation

* Masks required for children over 2 years of age

* Children under two years of age will not be permitted to come inside the building until COVID-19 situation improves


* Columbus KTC volunteers will be required to provide proof of vaccination.

Chant Programs To Remain on Zoom

* As chanting spreads the droplets and aerosols that spread COVID, weekly and special event pujas will be offered virtually only for now.

Limited Food and Beverage Service

* Recommend but not require everyone wear masks and practice social distancing when gathering outside for Columbus KTC related events and programs. 

What’s Next?

The guidelines presented here will not last forever; they will evolve and change as conditions related to change. 

Reopening Schedule:

Train Volunteers — February 28th – March 6th

“Soft Opening” Events — March 7th – March 20th

Open for In-Person Programs — Sunday, March 20th