Lama Karma Visit – Thank You Note

Dear Sangha,

It’s been two weeks since Lama Karma visited Columbus KTC and we would like to thank all who participated. First of all: Thank you, Lama Karma, for your wonderful teaching and your generous donation of all your offerings! How amazing and how fortunate Columbus KTC is to receive your gifts. We hope you will come back soon!

ama karma thank you 3

Without the many helping hands setting up our space, creating a beautiful shrine, hauling cushions, providing Lama care, selling tickets and store items, promoting the event, finding teaching locations, serving tea and helping out with hospitality, teaching weekends simply would not be possible. Thank you, tireless volunteers: you are the glue that holds our sangha together!

ama karma thank you 2

A special thank you to the folks at the Thurber Center who donated their beautiful facilities to us for the entire weekend. We are grateful for your generous and friendly hospitality.

Finally, thanks to all who attended and received these precious teachings. May your practice flourish and your connection to the Dharma grow!

Yours in the Dharma,
Tanya Schroeder
Assistant Director
On behalf of the entire KTC Board